Text Box: TUNE 
Multi Parameter Sensor & Closed Loop Flow Rate Controller with  0 to 3V DC  I/O
Oxygen (±1.5%), Flow Rate (±0.1 L/min)
–45 to +70ºC

Ultra fast and miniature Oxygen Concentrator Flow Rate controller & sensor with 13ms response time. 0 to 3V DC proportional flow rate control input. 0 to 3V DC oxygen concentration & flow rate proportional outputs. UART / RS-232 output provides O2 concentration, flow Rate and gas temperature. Push button switch contact enables  display of O2 content, Flow Rate and Temperature on DigiDISP LCD. TUNE is ideally suited for closed loop, ultra fast Oxygen Concentrator flow rate control applications. Expanded thermal characteristics allow  Automotive, high altitude and Portable Oxygen Concentrator applications.



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 5” x 1” x 1.5” / 82g

Flow Rate control

0 to 3V DC Linearly proportional to 0—10.0 L/min

Analog Flow output

0 to 3V DC Linearly proportional to 0—10.0 L/min

Analog O2 output

0 to 3V DC Linearly proportional to 0—100% O2

Analog Pressure output

Positive: 0.5 to 3.5V DC Linearly proportional to 0—30 Psig

Negative: 0 to 0.5V DC Linearly proportional to -5—0 Psig

Power Supply

Unregulated 12V DC

12mA –valve fully closed; 130mA – valve fully open

Display Switch

Connects between TP1 and GND. Toggles between O2, Flow, Temperature on DigiDISP

 Display / RS-232

 DigiDISP Connects to J3; DigiRS232 connects to J2

 O2 Accuracy

±1.5% @ –5 to +45°C; ±2% @ -45°C to –5°C,  45°C to +70°C

Flow Accuracy

±0.1 L/min

Pressure Accuracy

±0.5% FS

O2 Range

 20.8% - 95.7%

Flow Range

0 - 100 slpm at 80 psia, 20°C; 0 - 20 slpm at 15 psia, 20°C

Pressure  Range

 10—80 psia

Max pressure

 30 psig

Thermal change response

 1 oC/min

Thermal Gradientmax

50 K/m

Operating Temperature

 -45 to 70°C

Survival Temperature

-85 to +85°C

RS232 Frame Rate

50 fps

Calibration Retention

 More than 10 years


Factory; with Field calibrations via display switch & DigiDISP

Flow Direction


 Response Time

 13 ms

Air / Oxygen Mixtures Version


Long term display & save

Via  DigiTEST