OEM Ultrasonic Gas Sensors

Volumetric Flow Rate + Gas Molecular Weight + Pressure

LCD, UART, 0 to 5V outputs


0 to 1000 mL/min

0 to 50 L/min

0 to 500 L/min


Family of sensors comprising ultrasonic measurement of any gas molecular weight and volumetric Flow Rate. 4ms response time and no age related drift, ideally suit mistake proof  gas flow rate measurement and control.

There are no moving parts, no orifices, no pressure drop curves and no temperature errors. Ultrasonic flow rate measurement is independent of gas composition, pressure, temperature, and humidity. What’s more, optional field calibration capability is provided. Calibration is retained for more than 10 years.

DigiFLO sensors measure True Volumetric Gas Flow Rate in units of liters per minute (L/min). However, by using  provided gas temperature and pressure, Volumetric L/min Flow Rate can be converted to any other units of Flow Rate such as SLPM, Etc.

Long term display & save—Via  DigiTEST




How to convert Volumetric Flow to other units of Flow Rate, such as gal/min, SLPM

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