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Oxygen Concentrator O2 Sensor (±1.5%) 
and Controller

O2 Sensor & Controller for oxygen concentrators. Valve timing and voltage are configurable to user specification.

Operation: While measuring O2 concentration, pressure and flow valves are controlled and occluded outlet is detected.





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Power Supply

Universal 85 to 250V AC  / 600V peak

Valves Power

2.5W 12—36V DC configurable to user specification

Valves Timing

Configurable to user specification

 LCD Display

 DigiDISP connects to board edge J2

O2 sensor Accuracy


Flow rate

0 to 35 L/min

O2 Range

20.8% - 96%

Max pressure

 30 psig

Thermal change response

 1 oC/min

Thermal Gradientmax

50 K/m

Operating Temperature

 -45 to 70°C

Survival Temperature

-85 to +85°C

Calibration Retention

 More than 10 years


Factory. Does not need re-calibration

Flow Direction


 Response Time

 20 ms


ON when O2 Concentration is below 85% for longer than 1.5 minutes,

or when outlet is occluded

Green LED

· Blinks every second during the 1st 1.5 minutes of operation

· ON if O2 Concentration is above 85%

Yellow LED

ON when O2 Concentration is below 85% and above 75%

Vb, Va, Vc LEDs

Are jointly ON / OFF with their respective valve

Valve ON Timing

Configurable to user specification

Buzzer Alarm

92 DB at 30cm ,

Turn ON conditions:

1. Power Failure. Alarm sounds every 7 seconds for 0.75 second for 30 minutes

2. Occluded concentrator outlet (No Flow Condition)

3. O2 Concentration remains below 85% for 15 minutes