Ultra fast and miniature - BTPS Carbon Dioxide, High Volumetric Flow rate and gauge pressure sensor. HBS1 provides: 0-5V DC proportional outputs and UART bit stream comprising: CO2 content, Volumetric Flow Rate, Gauge Pressure, temperature and product age. 4ms response is ideally suited for crisp Flow Rate & BTPS Carbon Dioxide measurement. Time constant, bi-directionally stable response enables detection of Start of Breath, calculation of spirometry parameters.





Text Box:            HBS1 (BTPS Sensor)
  BTPS CO2 (±0.03%)
Flow rate ±0—500 L/min (±1 L/min)
Gauge Pressure (±0.5%FS)
4ms response
UART, LCD & Analog outputs
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 4.6 x 0.8x 0.5” / 45g


 UART, LCD, Analog

Analog Flow output

0 to 5V DC Linearly proportional to ±0—500 L/min

Analog CO2 output

0 to 5V DC Linearly proportional to 0—10% CO2

Analog Pressure output

0 to 5V DC Linearly proportional to ±0—5 psig

Power Supply

 Unregulated 8V to 32V DC / 14 mA

Display Switch

Toggles between CO2, Flow Rate and Pressure on DigiDISP

 CO2 Accuracy & resolution


Flow Resolution

±1 LPM

CO2 Range


Max pressure

 30 psig

Thermal Gradientmax

50 K/m

Operating Temperature


Survival Temperature


RS232 transmit Rate

200 bytes/sec @ 19200 bits/sec

Calibration Retention

 More than 10 years



Flow  I/O

Bi-directional via 1/2” male barbs

Response Time

 4 ms

UART Frame content

CO2 [%], Flow Rate, Gauge Pressure, Temperature [°C], Minutes of operation

Flow Direction Indicator

J1.3—Open Drain