Accuracy: 0.1% of Ozone by weight

 No warm-up is required

 Independent of Temperature and Pressure

 In-Line, full-flow capability

 Straight-through flow path

 4-20mA, 0-5V, RS-232 outputs

 No moving parts

 SLPM Flow Rate display of Ozone gas

 Ranges up to 30% by weight

 Low cost to OEMs

 Patented Acoustic Technology

 No regular maintenance required

 RS-232 program to download Ozone, Oxygen, Flow rate to a PC

 DigiLED 7seg LED Display

 DigiO3-2 ragged version

 DigiRS232RS-232 adapter to a PC connects to board edge J4

A breakthrough in Digital Signal processing, DigiO3 features Ultrasonic Ozone & Oxygen sensing technology. Manufactured to prevent oxidation, DigiO3 features a virtually unlimited longevity and no need for factory calibrations. There is no warm-up time, no dependencies on pressure and temperature and no mechanical failures.


Measured Parameters:

Concentration: Ozone & Oxygen concentrations within the respective O3 & O2 sensors

Ozone production : In units of g/hr

Flow Rate & Pressure: O2 Standard Flow rate & pressure

Temperature: O3 & O2 Gas temperature

Outputs: LCD, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5V, RS-232




Text Box: DigiO3 
Ozone / Multi-parameter Sensor
Ozone (0.1%), Oxygen (1.5%), Pressure (0.5%), Standard Flow Rate (0.2SLPM), Ozone production (2%), O2 & O3 Temperature (0.2C)



Text Box: info@dgflo.com


5.5 x 3 x 5/8




Unregulated 9 - 30V DC, 18mA

Gas Ports

Male 1/8 Hose barbs


 Ozone concentration (0.1%) by weight

 Ozone Production (2%)

 Oxygen (1.5%)

 Flow Rate (0.2 SLPM)

 Pressure (0.5% FS)

 Temperature (0.2C)



Ozone: 0-30% by weight; 0 476 g/nm3

Oxygen: 20.8% - 100%

Flow: 0-100 slpm @ 80 psia, 20C; 0-20 slpm @ 15 psia, 20C

Pressure: 0 35 psi

O2, O3 Temperature: -45 to +70C

Direction of Flow

Oxygen, Ozone Unidirectional


Digital: RS-232 via DigiRS232

Analog: 4-20mA, 0-5V DC linearly proportional to 0-20% O3

Thermal change response

1 oC/min

Thermal Gradientmax

50 K/m

Operating Temperature

-45 to 70C

Survival Temperature

-85 to +85C



O2 Alarm

Sinks up to 20mA to GND if O2 concentration drops below 87%

Long term display & save

Via DigiTEST