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Ultrasonic Any Gas Tester
 Water or Gas Leak Finder



Molecular weight of air is 29 g/mol. Upon pressing front button, an internal pump delivers an external air sample to sensor interior. Upon arrival, within 20 ms, molecular weight of the gas is determined, and displayed. As user gets close to a gas leak, displayed molecular weight of air changes. As user gets increasingly closer, air molecular weight changes more, proportionally changing the color of front Leak Detect LED from green, to orange or red.





· Locate any liquid or gas leak below, or above ground


· Measure molecular weight of any gas mixture

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  9” x 1.5” x 1” / 23 x 3.8 x 2.5 cm


(with battery)


 Response time

 20 ms

Molecular weight range

 15 to 70 g/mol

 Molecular weight accuracy

±0.1 g/mol

 Gas molecular weight range

10 to 120 g/mol

Operating temperature

 -45 to 70°C

Survival temperature



Single Alkaline 9V battery

DigiCAL specification


Battery life

1000+ read cycles